Tor Haakon Bakken forsvarer 24. november 2016 sin avhandling "An improved framework for the assessment of water consumption from hydropower production" for graden PhD ved NTNU.

Arbeidet er utført ved Institutt for vann- og miljøteknikk, NTNU. Hovedveileder har vært professor Knut Tore Alfredsen, Institutt for vann- og miljøteknikk. Medveileder har vært professor Anund Killingtveit, Institutt for vann- og miljøteknikk.

  • Prøveforelesningen vil bli holdt i Disputasrommet, Gløshaugen, 24.11.16 kl. 10:15 over oppgitt tema: «Norwegian hydropower as blue-green battery – a concept applicable to the rest of the world?»
  • Disputasen vil bli holdt i Disputasrommet, Gløshaugen, 24.11.16 kl. 13:15. Prøveforelesning og disputas er åpne for alle interesserte.

Til å bedømme avhandlingen er oppnevnt:

  • Professor emeritus Gustaf Olsson, Universitetet i Lund, Sverige             
  • Professor Lena Tallaksen, Universitetet i Oslo
  • Førsteamanuensis Nils Rüther, NTNU


Climate change and the needed reductions in the use of fossil fuels call for the development of renewable energy sources. Hydropower is today the dominant renewable technology in the energy system and in some regions extensive development of hydropower is expected in the coming years. The IPCC Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources represented a benchmark in the assessment of water consumption from electricity production. The numbers for hydropower ranged from very low to much larger than the other renewable technologies, partly explained by methodological problems. This PhD has contributed by:

  • a critical assessment of the existing methodological framework for calculating water consumption from hydropower production
  • proposing methodological improvements
  • evaluating the trade-offs between the elevated water losses from reservoirs and the increased availability of water due to storage
  • an improved understanding of the role of reservoirs in water resources management