Water reservoirs save lives and create value

While there is considerable opposition to dams and reservoirs in the Western world, reservoirs built to store water during the rainy season so it can be used during the dry season can save lives and secure values when t...
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Environmental design in three minutes

The concept of environmental design in regulated salmon rivers describes how to evaluate, develop and implement measures to improve living conditions for salmon populations in regulated rivers, while taking hydropower p...
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Three new policy briefs from the HydroBalance research project

CEDREN has issued three policy briefs that synthesize findings of the HydroBalance research project highlighting the relevance of the research on hydrobalancing to policy and offering recommendations for change.
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HydroBalance User Meeting 2016

HydroBalance user partners are invited to the third annual user meeting in Trondheim 13th - 14th September 2016.
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Microgrids to electrify remote off grid areas

Can microgrids be a way to electrify remote off grid areas? An EEA-funded project with Norwegian and Romanian partners will test a hydropower-based microgrid in a protected area far from the central transmission grid.  ...
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Can Europe benefit from using Norway as a green battery?

A new German study has looked into the profitability and feasibility of using Norwegian hydropower to balance wind and solar power in Europe. CEDREN is now using the results to look at the profitability for Norwegian hy...
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Hydropower and its future role in the Western Balkans and Turkey

CEDREN and The European Commission Joint Research Centre organized a two-day event on sustainable hydropower development in collaboration with Istanbul Technical University 21-22 January 2016, focusing on the potential o...
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FutureHydro – workshop and visit to China

Travelouge: The hydropower workshops that CEDREN recently held in China were the final ones of the FutureHydro project, focusing on knowledge exchange between Norway and China.
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Solving very different challenges with the same tool

While California is plagued by severe drought, Norway has experienced the quite opposite. Despite the widely different water challenges, CEDREN has a strong cooperation with the US branch of SEI.
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Popular international course on sustainable hydropower development

Environmental design is an important part of the curriculum when CEDREN-researchers teach European students in Sustainable Hydropower.
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