Salmon and hydropower handbook available in English

 Publisert 05.09.2014

Our popular handbook for environmental design in regulated salmon rivers is now published in English. 

Environmental design is right at the core of CEDREN’s research. Regulation of rivers creates opportunities to implement environmental design solutions favourable to salmon, and our research shows that it is possible to increase hydropower generation and have larger salmon stocks at the same time. 

The "Handbook for environmental design in regulated salmon rivers" is the most important result of the project "EnviDORR”. Since it was published in Norwegian last year, there has been a great demand for an English translation of the handbook. We were therefore pleased to finally launch of the English edition last week.

The handbook describes how to evaluate, develop and implement measures to improve living conditions for salmon in regulated rivers, while taking hydropower production into account. The concept of environmental design for salmon in regulated rivers involves the special adaptation of environmental conditions that is beneficial to the salmon population. The handbook is written for those intending to carry out analyses and assessments of issues linked to salmon populations in regulated rivers, and also hydropower utility companies, public authorities and other stakeholders. 

Order your copy of “Handbook for environmental design in regulated salmon rivers” (NOK 250), or download it for free (PDF).

The Norwegian version of the handbook received a warm welcome when it was published last year. You can still download (PDF) or order the Norwegian version “Håndbok for miljødesign i regulerte vassdrag” (Kr 250).

Read more about the handbook in the article “More salmon and more hydropower”.

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