Bird-friendly design of wind farms - BirdWind

The BirdWind project will look at bird-friendly localization and design of new onshore wind power plants. This is an important part of the process of developing new, environment friendly energy sources as future energy production could have more complex effects on the environment than what can be measured in emission rates.


Mobile bird radar registering bird movements at Smøla wind farm. Photo:© Kjetil Bevanger/NINA 

BirdWind will extend the knowledge of bird behaviour and mortality near wind turbines. Such knowledge is essential to implement focused and efficient measures to mitigate negative impacts from wind power production on populations of different species. The project will also develop technical and methodological tools for mapping and data collection.

BirdWind aims to provide an improved knowledge base and better tools for energy and environment authorities and the energy industry in their efforts to plan, manage and operate new onshore wind power plants. High quality environment impact assessments (EIA) for new plants, and improved sustainable solutions for existing plants, will be of high importance for the power industry and society in the future. BirdWind’s research products will significantly enhance our ability to implement climate friendly energy without damaging bird populations.

BirdWind will:

  • Develop systems for collecting data about birds near wind turbines: – e.g. radar, surveillance camera, radio-telemetry, terrain modelling, dog search and manual observation techniques
  • Analyse bird mortality caused by wind turbines, with regard to bird manoeuvrability, aerodynamic conditions, hunting techniques, age, migration routes, weather, light etc.
  • Develop tools for EIAs, and mitigation procedures for onshore wind power