BirdWind sub projects

Manouvering between wind turbines is not part of the birds’ evolutionary background. BirdWind reveal possibilities for mutual adaptations between these installations and local birdlife. Photo © Espen Lie Dahl, NINA.

The project is split up into the following sub projects, which may be further divided into more specific tasks. 

  • Search for bird collisions with the help of trained dogs
  • White-tailed eagle population dynamics
  • Genetics of white-tailed eagles
  • Radio telemetry of white-tailed eagles
  • Behavioural responses in white-tailed eagles
  • Avian radar technology development                                 
  • Willow ptarmigan population studies
  • Wind energy and waders / smaller passerines
  • Optical/auditive mitigation measures
  • GIS, terrain modelling and data flow
  • Bibliography – birds and aerial obstacles