Restoring salmon spawning habitats is one of the objects of EnviDORR. Photo © Tore Wiers, Uni Miljø

The project is organised in two major research tasks, with several subtasks as listed below. 

  1. Quantitative models for spawning habitat and fry survival
  2. Further development of growth models and incorporation of density effects
  3. Habitat profitability and relationships between habitat quantity, quality and water flow
  4. Flow fluctuations and hydropeaking
  5. Tolerance for flood and droughts of different stages of juvenile salmonids
  6. Smolt survival and relationships between life history and environmental factors in rivers
  7. Towards models for successful migration of salmonids in regulated rivers
  8. Collection of input data in the study rivers and calibration of biological models
  9. Calibration of power production models and simulation of different scenarios based on the biological models
  10. Development and evaluation, through computer modelling, of alternative strategies and installations for maximising salmon and power production