GOVREP Sub projects

Project leader Audun Ruud (right) conversing with CEDREN reference group members, from left to right; Magne Fauli (EnergyNorway), Ingrid Lomelde (WWF) and Stein Erik Stinessen (LVK) Photo: © Oddmund Rønning

The sub projects include the following tasks regarding environmental and energy policy.

  1. Comparative assessment of the regulatory frameworks and institutions in place for promoting renewable electricity production in Norway and Sweden.
  2. An historic-institutional analysis of the licensing system for renewable electricity.
  3. Technical and environmental assessment of coordination between renewable electricity production and environmental protective measures. 
  4. A comparative assessment of relevant drivers and barriers for structural changes and innovation for renewable electricity production in Norway and Sweden.
  5. Proposals for a more feasible framework for improving governance for renewable electricity provision in Norway and Sweden, whereby energy and environmental regulations function as a whole rather than as distinct policy areas.