How to combine environmental and energy policy concerns? - GOVREP

GOVREP will produce policy recommendations for sustainable electricity production. Photo: © Stortingsarkivet, Teigens-fotoatelier-as

How can environmental and energy policy concerns best be combined? This is the main question GOVREP hopes to answer by producing knowledge and policy recommendations that will improve political and administrative practices designed to achieve more sustainable electricity production in Norway and Sweden.

During the last decade we have seen several changes in energy and environmental policies concerning mitigation and adaptation of climate change and management of water resources stemming from different political levels (global, European and national). There is a growing need for electricity in Europe, and it remains a challenge to identify appropriate means for realizing new renewable production capacity while at the same time taking into account environmental and social concerns.

Climate change challenges require changes in European energy use. Solutions based on renewable energy must replace power sources that damage the environment. Although the suggestion of regulated watercourses for electricity production has caused political conflicts, the hydroelectricity remains one of the solutions to the climate change related demands both for Norway and Europe. Moreover hydropower is one of the solutions to ensure power storage and supply and further social development. The GOVREP project focuses on the political management practices, innovation and entrepreneurship in the energy industry. Europe should increase the use of renewable energy, but how can we ensure that this will happen in a way that satisfies both today’s and future needs?

GOVREP has social science experts working close together with experts in environmental issues.

GOVREP will answer the following questions:

  • In what way the EU Water Framework Directive (EU WFD) bears upon energy policy practice?
  • Are small scale hydropower plants necessarily more environmentally friendly than large hydropower plants?
  • How can hydropower secure environmentally sound supply of electricity compared to other renewable energy sources?
  • How can we better conciliate local, national and global environmental concerns?