Scenarios for hydropower development in Norway

The future energy system in the North of Europe will probably see significant development of non-regulated renewable energy sources - mostly wind power, onshore and offshore. This situation will increase the need for regulated (balancing) hydropower both for peaking and as backup during periods of low wind.


This web portal provides information that can help in the construction of scenarios for hydropower development in Norway in order to supply, at a larger scale, balancing services to Northern Europe. 


The main premise for scenario development is that a substantial increase of capacity in the Norwegian hydropower system depends on the complex evolution in time of the following (interdependent) factors: Policy, Market, Transmission and Generation. This web portal provides updated information on these factors and presents three main scenarios: Business as usual, Green balance and Blue battery. The scenarios indicate the amount (capacity) of new hydropower to be constructed for balancing purposes, at relevant milestones. The facts and figures used and predictions made in each scenario will be connected back to the information database.

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