Future hydropower design - HydroPEAK

Tinfos power plant; hydropower reservoirs in Norway represent a great potential for a future European power system. Photo: © Ånund Killingtveit, NTNU

Hydropower design of the future will be central in the development of the Norwegian hydropower system. HydroPEAK will develop know-how in order to adapt the Norwegian hydropower system to support and balance the increasing volume of intermittent wind power entering the power system. Different energy sources will need to work together in a system that will ensure efficient use of energy in the future. 

The highly regulative Norwegian hydropower system has a unique potential to fill the gaps between available production and demand. The ability to act as the regulating unit will become more and more valuable in the future as an increasing percentage of the power will be produced by intermittent sources such as wind.

In order to step into such a position, the Norwegian hydropower system must be adapted to the new technical requirements. HydroPEAK will identify technical constraints, develop and propose technical innovations to adapt both new and existing hydropower plants to the foreseen future production patterns with more rapid and frequent load changes.

HydroPEAK aims at:

  • Establishing scenarios for future production patterns
  • Identifying technical constraints
  • Developing solutions to mitigate and reduce the negative effects of increased variable load
  • Developing methods for optimizing operation, maintenance and refurbishment of the hydropower system

The development of knowledge in HydroPEAK is primarily based on a large number of PhD projects.

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