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Environmental design of hydropower. Seminar 28 Oct 2010

Published on: 19. September 2010

Memebrs of CEDREN's Scientific committee give the talks at the seminar "Environmental design of hydropower". The seminar takes place at the auditorium of NTNU Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, 9.00 - 12.00 thursday October 28.


Environmental design of hydropower. Seminar 28 Oct 2010
Foto © Statkraft

One of CEDRENs main tasks is to develop environmental design of hydropower. This week the centre’s scientific committee is gathered in Trondheim to get informed of our research and to give advice for further work.

The members of CEDREN Scientific Committee will give the following talks:

Klaus Jorde, Entec, Switzerland:
What should green hydropower look like?

Silke Wieprecht, University of Stuttgart:
Sediment transport in a regulated river – is there a chance to improve the environmental conditions?

Daniel Boisclair, University of Montreal:
Fish and hydropower - how to make it a succesful marriage?

There will be time for questions and discussions during the seminar.

The seminar is open to all. Please respond to Randi Aukan as soon as possible if you will join the seminar.