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Salmon–hydropower seminar 29 Nov

Published on: 6. September 2010

The EnviDORR project, more salmon – more power, presents research results at the seminar at Hell 29 Nov 2010. The program brings us through the different life stages of a salmon, and the challenges and possibilities in regulated rivers.

Salmon–hydropower seminar 29 Nov

The seminar gives halfway (or rather ¾) results from the project. The main project (2007-2011) is about to enter the final year, while the climate subproject continues until 2012, and activities in some demo rivers will go on till 2014.

EnviDORR has many exciting results, and in several perspectives we are about to achieve the title words: more salmon – more power.

Partners and involved stakeholders have been contacted by e-mail with information and registration request. If you haven’t received any e-mail and are still interested – please contact Eli Kvingedal.

Program, pdf (in Norwegian only).