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Wind energy and wildlife impacts, May 2-5 2011.

Published on: 20. September 2010

CWW 2011 is the first large international conference on wind energy and wildlife impacts and aims to share experience on how wind power plants may impact wildlife. The conference focuses on challenges and solutions in technological, management and ecological perspectives. CWW 2011 expects to gather expertise and stakeholders from all over the world.

Wind energy and wildlife impacts, May 2-5 2011.
Foto @ Espen Lie Dahl/NINA

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Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts 2011, takes place in Trondheim, Norway May 2-5. The conference is a initiative from the Norwegian Institute for Nature research and the science project BirdWind, which is one of the CEDREN-projects.

Energy from renewable sources has become increasingly important as part of energy policies, partly due to climate change scenarios. With the present targets for renewable energy production in many countries, and the huge world potential for wind-power generation, wind-power development has become a very important issue from a political, economical and ecological point of view. Ecological impacts of wind-power generation are debated intensively within several fora, and there is a need for a firm knowledge-base on the impacts on wildlife, as well as innovative and efficient mitigation measures.

Norway has long been a net exporter of renewable energy from hydropower, and is in the forefront of wind energy development. 2010 is the last year of a major research programme on wildlife and wind-power generation in Norway. The programme focused on research tools and methodological development, as well as population effects on wildlife (particularly the white-tailed eagle). Much work is in progress on these issues worldwide, and in 2011 we intend to gather colleagues from all over the world to share experiences on how wind power plants may affect wildlife, and discuss how we should meet the challenges created by the world-wide increased activity in large scale wind-power plant construction.

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CWW2011 news article in Norwegian: Verdenskonferanse om vindkraft og vilt (3 Nov 2010)