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Centre Management

Centre Director Atle Harby, SINTEF
Vice Director Ingeborg Palm Helland, NINA
Vice Director Ånund Killingtveit, NTNU
Manager Arnt Ove Eggen, SINTEF
Communication Anne Olga Syverhuset, NINA
Infrastructure Knut Alfredsen, NTNU
Administration Randi Aukan, SINTEF



BirdWind Bird friendly design of wind farms  Kjetil Bevanger, NINA
EcoManage Improved development and management of energy and water resources Håkon Sundt, SINTEF
EnviDORR Increased power and salmon production Torbjørn Forseth, NINA
EnviPEAK Effects of rapid and frecuent flow changes in regulated rivers Tor Haakon Bakken, SINTEF
FutureHydro Sustainable hydropower development in China and Norway to meet future demands Atle Harby, SINTEF
HydroPEAK Future hydropower design Ånund Killingtveit, NTNU
GOVREP How to combine environmental and energy policy concerns Audun Ruud, SINTEF
HydroBalance Large-scale balancing and energy storage from Norwegian hydro power Michael Belsnes, SINTEF
OPTIPOL Optimal design and routing of power lines Kjetil Bevanger, NINA
SafePass   Torbjørn Forseth, NINA
SusGrid Sustainable grid development Audun Ruud, SINTEF
SusWater   Audun Ruud, SINTEF
Tools Tools for hydropower production Knut Alfredsen, NTNU