This page lists references relevant in the development of scenarios for hydropower development in Norway for balancing purposes.  All references presented here can also be found under the four elements in the scenario portal: Policy, Market, Transmission and Generation.

Relevant organizations

In Norway

NVE - The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate

OED - The Ministry of Petrolium and Energy in Norway

Energy Norway - organization representing 270 companies involved in the production, distribution and trading of electricity in Norway


In Europe

ENTSO-E - The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity

EURELECTRIC - Union of the Electricity Industry

IEA - The International Energy Agency

ACER - Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators

EWEA - The European Wind Energy Association

SRU - The German Advisory Council on the Environment


Relevant research projects (past and present)

OffshoreGrid - EU project

Windspeed - EU project

Twenties - EU project


Other relevant scenario studies, reports, publications, presentations

CEDREN Publications

SRU publications

ENTSO-E ten year network development plan

Statnett - Grid development plan