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18th Northern Research Basin’s Symposium summary

Published on: 26. August 2011

The 18th Northern Research Basin’s (NRB) Workshop and Symposium was arranged in Western Norway 15th to 20th of August 2011.

18th Northern Research Basin’s Symposium summary
The 18th NRB participants gathered in Lodalen. Photo: Anne Jørgensen Bruland

All together 38 delegates from 7 countries gathered in Bergen to attend to the Workshop that was held at different locations along the Norwegian west coast. It also included field visits to glaciers, landslide areas and hydropower projects.

Read the summary report at www.18thnrb.com



Presentations from CEDREN/NTNU/SINTEF included:

  • Oddbjørn Bruland, Sjur Kolberg, Lena Tøfte, Kolbjørn Engeland: Development and testing of model updating techniques for the Hydropower industry in Norway.
  • Ånund Killingtveit: Snow accumulation in De Geer catchment, Svalbard.
  • Ashenafi Saifu Grange: Subject: Updating techniques for hydrological models.
  • Knut Alfredsen, Tommi Linnansaari and Morten Stickler: Ice impacts on behaviour and habitat choice in juvenile Atlantic salmon in steep rivers - Summarizing.
  • Netra Prasad Timalsina, Siri Almenning Stenhaug, Knut Alfredsen: Hydropower Impact on Ice Regime.
  • Solomon Gebre, Knut Alfredsen: Ice problems on hydropower and implications of climate change.
  • Ånund Killingtveit, Oddbjørn Bruland, Knut Alfredsen, Sjur Kolberg: Nea-Nidelva Supersite.

A main outcome of the symposium was the establishment of a task force that will work to provide an overview of challenges and opportunities related to the industrial development in the arctic, water resources and social considerations and environmental sustainability of the northern cold regions, for example from hydropower development (in Norway) and Tar-sand developments (in Canada).

CEDREN Vice Director Ånund Killingtveit was appointed as the Norwegian representative in this task force. The task force will also put forward possible supersites - sites where a multiplicity of research facilities are available within a limited area. The Nea-Nidelva supersite, which is frequently used and partly financed by CEDREN, is already suggested as a Norwegian candidate, and it was also presented at the conference.

Contact person in CEDREN: Ånund Killingtveit, NTNU