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Wind energy and wildlife impacts conference

Published on: 4. May 2011

The international Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife impacts takes place in Trondheim 2-5 May. Nearly 300 persons from more than 30 countries participate, among them the world leading researchers on this field. – A common goal of more environment friendly wind power unites us, conference chairman Kjetil Bevanger says.

Wind energy and wildlife impacts conference
White-tailed eagles in the Smøla wind farm. Photo: Espen Lie Dahl


The conference is an initiative from the Norwegian Institute for Nature research and the science project BirdWind, which is one of the CEDREN projects.

Solutions for wind power
- There is a global need for more wind power to meet the challenges of climate change. There is a great responsibility on governments, industry and researchers to find solutions. We will exchange solutions on CWW2011, says the conference chairman. The programme has perspectives on the process of locating new wind farms, but also vulnerability and behavioral changes for wildlife nearby wind farms. - We are also excited to see the development of methods and equipment in this research field. The conference will be concluded with a discussion of future challenges for both on- and offshore wind power. NINA and CEDREN have a lot to share from our activities in the project BirdWind, and we also hope to learn a lot of foreign guests at the conference, says Bevanger.

See news item about the CWW 2011 (jump 7m 20s into the clip) at NRK Morgennytt 4 May
National television, web-TV only available from Norway


Results from Smøla and Hitra
NINA has for years conducted research on birds and wind power in the wind farms at the islands Smøla and Hitra. Many of the results from this work is presented at the conference. - Our work in Smøla wind farm has produced results that attract international attention, says Bevanger.
- The project has taught us much about what makes different bird species vulnerable to live near wind turbines. We have done groundbreaking work on methods and equipment development, Bevanger continues. We have among other things used radar for mapping bird movements to be able to predict the periods and areas with greater risk of collisions. Radar data is combined with camera monitoring, searches using specially trained dogs, radio telemetry and nest surveys.

See BirdWind feature (19 Mar 2009) at the science programme Schrödingers katt at NRK1 (national television, web-TV only available in Norway)


Exciting conference program
The scientific program includes a wide range of presentations including birds, bats, terrestrial -and marine mammals. There will also be many contributions about tools and methods of research and planning in the field, as well as technological challenges and solutions for wind power and wildlife. Besides researchers the conference host delegates from manegement, power industry, environmental organizations, business interests etc. - It is also intended that the event will be a venue for making contacts. - I hope our conference is going to create new collaboration both across borders within the country and the region, Bevanger concludes.

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Conference website cww2011.nina.no
More about BirdWind and CEDREN: www.cedren.no
CEDREN contact: Kjetil Bevanger
Press contact during the conference: Oddmund Rønning +47 48 19 56 81