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EcoManage events

This is a list of all events relevant for EcoManage.
jun04CEDREN på Technoport Talks
Created by Camilla Næss on 04.06.2013 07:00:00

CEDREN deltar på Technoport Talks 13. juni, Trondheim: Norway’s role in a renewable energy Europe
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feb06MCA workshop i Trondheim 27. – 28. februar
Created by Camilla Næss on 06.02.2013 12:53:00

Multi-criteria analysis applied to environmental impacts of hydropower and water resource regulation...
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feb06Ecosystem services seminar i Oslo 4. – 5. mars
Created by Camilla Næss on 06.02.2013 13:04:00

Forsker-seminar om anvendelse av Ecosystem services-konseptet i Mandalsvassdraget.
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aug30Workshop on water resources allocation and modeling
Created by Camilla Næss on 30.08.2013 12:54:00

Senior researcher Marisa Escobar (PhD) from Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), branch of Califo...
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aug30Workshop: Ecosystem services, biodiversity offsets and habitat banking
Created by Camilla Næss on 30.08.2013 13:19:00

Cross-sectoral relevance for environmental management in Norway?
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