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Seminar on UAV-based remote sensing in fluvial research

Published on: 31. oktober 2014


Seminar on UAV-based remote sensing in fluvial research
Photo: Zinke & Flener 2013

Knowledge of underwater morphology, river substrate or distribution of riverine vegetation provides essential input to hydrodynamic model applications, habitat studies or planning of restoration measures in regulated rivers. Traditional manual or vessel-based surveys are time-consuming and sometimes dangerous or impossible to implement in rivers with strong currents. Remote sensing techniques based on low altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) may represent an alternative. This CEDREN seminar presents experiences with this technology and discusses future needs and perspectives.


Venue: NINA building, Høgskoleringen 9, 7034 Trondheim; Room: Amfi

Time: November 13, 10-16.

Contact: Peggy Zinke, SINTEF Energy Research, Phone +47-99302344





Introduction (P. Zinke, SINTEF)

UAV - Technologies and opportunities (A.Transeth, SINTEF)

UAV Remote Sensing for Climate and Environmental Research (S.Solbø, Norut)

HyDroneS - Hydrosystem Drone Surveying (C. Haas, I AM HYDRO)

Coanda Effect aerodyne – a new platform concept for a fluvial and ecological remote sensing aerial vehicle (F. Nedelcut, UGAL, Romania)

Use of remote sensing data in environmental hydraulics (J. Aberle, NTNU)

Remote sensing for fish ecology – experiences and future needs (R. Hedger, NINA)