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International seminar on large scale balancing from Norwegian hydropower

Published on: 20. June 2012

Seminar, excursion and workshop on opportunities and challenges for large scale balancing from Norwegian hydropower.


International seminar on large scale balancing from Norwegian hydropower
Norwegian hydropower reservoires can be the "blue battery" in the European hydro system. Photo Atle Harby / CEDREN


The seminar took place at Ryfylke Fjordhotell, Sand, Norway and was organized in collaboration with Statkraft.




Presentations from the seminar:

Session 1: Results from on-going research

  1. CEDREN's activities and ambitions related to balancing power and pumped storage hydropower. Atle Harby, CEDREN/SINTEF
  2. The potential for hydropower to mitigate climate change impacts. Ånund Killingtveit, CEDREN/NTNU
  3. How can Statkraft become "the green battery" of Europe? Arne Sandvold, Statkraft 
  4. Transition to renewable electricity in Germany- the role of Norwegian hydro storage. Gesine Bökenkamp, University of Flensburg, Germany.
  5. Simulating Pumped Storage Operation in Reservoirs Used for Balancing of Wind Power. Julian Sauterleute, CEDREN/SINTEF
  6. Impacts of pumped storage hydropower on the ecosystem of reservoirs. Line Sundt-Hansen, CEDREN/NINA
  7. Social acceptance of balancing power and pumped storage hydropower in Norway. Helene Egeland, CEDREN/SINTEF
  8. Opportunities and challenges for large scale balancing power seen from a regional and local point of view Trond Schrader Kristiansen, Vest-Agder County.


Session 2: From international perspectives to local benefits

  1. Drivers for storage needs, current and future technologies and potentials. Bernd Calaminus, EnBW, Germany.
  2. Energy storage and flexibility options for the UK energy system. Jonathan Radcliffe, Energy Research Partnership, UK.
  3. Hydro Power and Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity. Christophe Amiot, EDF, France.
  4. The link between renewable energy in the future and storage needs. Juan Ignacio Pérez Díaz, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
  5. Challenges with grid connections and transmission capacity in context of balancing power from Norwegian hydropower. Jan Bråten, Statnett
  6. Renewable energy, storage and transmission needs – close or far from the market? Jan Bruhn, RWE, Germany
  7. Storage and Balancing Needs in Germany. Amany von Oehsen, Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy Systems Technology,
  8. Challenges and possibilities in constructing ultra-high head hydropower plants. Eivind Grøv, SINTEF/NTNU
  9. Integrated modelling of the future energy system – results and challenges. Magnus Korpås, Michael Belsnes and Ingeborg Graabak, CEDREN/SINTEF



Contact person in CEDREN:  

Atle Harby, Centre Director, +47 73 59 7215, atle.harby@sintef.no

Julian Sauterleute, Phone +47 73 59 72 93, julian.sauterleute@sintef.no